The two of us, a close duo since 1995. Together we started our first business in 1996, the “lusthof” in Sint-Idesbald. From a very cozy large public counter with tapas (already then), ribs, ... to a grill restaurant. A very nice success story. Meanwhile, our son Thor grew up...


In 2009, after 12 beautiful years, we felt like working small and just the two of us, in our minds…. slightly smaller and a bit quieter. It became “8chef” Sint-Idesbald. After 6 months of renovation and renewal, we started a real tapas out of the blue, by the sea. After less than 2 years we got our BIB Gourmand in the Michelin guide and we were off.

Growing, working, culinary cooking and having a lot of fun. We also built up a close clientele who became close friends. The short congees became something to look forward to and so the southern costa in Spain became our regular spot. The idea began to grow more and more to move permanently to the sun. Our regular "clan" can certainly speak to this, they didn't hear anything else in the long run ;) Until corona ... then we resolutely took the step. Thor is an adult, we are ready for something new, again coincidentally after having run 8chef for 12 years. A real challenge,... the corona crisis, selling everything, loading it into moving vans, leaving it in depots and on the way to Spain, with 2 suitcases. Nothing left in Belgium, nothing in Spain yet! It can take months to fill in this page, but we'll save you this, haha…. In reality, the search took 15 months!

6 fincas with all the do's and don'ts further, we were finally able to sign the deed of our finca in Torreblanca del Sol in Mijas on March 9, 2022. A diamond in the rough, hidden in the "Montes de Mijas",  but with the most beautiful sea view "ever"!! We started working with 2 purebred Spaniards, Salva and Quiqué. Lieven can and can no longer suffer after three serious neck and back operations, but the brain and the way of thinking is still fine. Happy! The grinding process of our diamond   took a while... Let's put it briefly, the "I'm leaving situations" have not been spared us either! But this is food to tell the fire , on a winter evening with a nice Rioja. So …. this is our story. Now we also allow you to discover our authentic finca! Even if we say so ourselves…'s “lovely” here. The peace, the serenity, the overwhelming nature, only the crickets and the birds in the background. Just take a look at the pictures and book. We take care of everything else and above all… also very tasty food! A magical place to completely relax for a few days!

Lieven and Nicky